Teacher Grants

Since 2019, teachers across the corporation have been encouraged to apply for a grant from the Education Foundation.  One recipient from each of the three buildings is chosen annually. 

Teacher Grant recipients in 2021 were as follows:

Three teachers at GES shared the elementary grant to expand their classroom libraries. Sarah Brewsaugh, Brandi Froehling and Brenda Meyer purchased grade level chapter books and series that their students enjoy. Pictured below are Mrs. Froehling’s 4th grade students reading, The Bridge to Terabithia.

Jeremiah Harris, junior high social studies teacher, used the grant money to purchase flexible seating for students, keeping them more alert and focused.

The 2021 high school grant recipient was science teacher, Scott Mangels. He used the funds to purchase exotic species and aquarium accessories. Pictured are clown fish and a cleaner shrimp from his classroom saltwater aquarium. Check out Instagram @GCHSGlassOcean for more.

Elementary Teacher Grant

High School Teacher Grant

High School Teacher Grant